Why Google Goes for the Gold

Google is growing. An obvious observation, but what makes Google grow at such a rapid pace that it seems to triple its size overnight? The answer, co-founder and CEO Larry Page says, is simple.  It shoots for the moon. In an interview with Wired, Page explains that the reason Google sees success and growth is through brazen innovation. The company wants to live in the future.

Wired’s Steven Levy writes, “That moon-shot mentality is the basis of Google X, which the company established in early 2010 to identify and implement once-impossible sci-fi fantasies: Hail Mary projects like the self-driving car. Or Google Glass, a wearable computing system. Or an artificial brain, in which a cluster of computers running advanced algorithms learn from the world around them, much like humans do”.

This mentality is so important for companies, from startups out of the gate to established corporations with decades of business experience. A company can only grow as fast as it believes it can grow. Page knows that a company can not survive if they are only doing enough to inch ahead of the competition. This minimalistic development will catch up to companies, eventually creating a stagnant growth. The spectrum of business and technology is rapidly changing, and Google understands the importance of being ahead of the curve. Google X was created to maintain the forward-thinking concepts and creations that pushed Google ahead. From a search engine to an email host to a web browser to phone software to a world map service, Google continues to eradicate boundaries and expand their services to reach millions.

Companies, heed Google’s advice. Don’t stop when you think you are doing enough. Actually, just don’t stop. There’s always room for advancement. Google gets that.

Google’s Larry Page on Why Moon Shots Matter | Wired Business | Wired.com

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