Flexibility Means Productivity

Life’s vicissitudes are inevitable.

The changes and uncertainties that do occur can affect the relationship between an employee and their employer. That’s why we believe that employers with varying degrees of flexibility help employees stay motivated and productive. PayScale, a company that calculates pay data for a range of careers, compiled a list of the 50 Best Employers in America. What did many of these top companies have in common? Most of them featured on the list, including companies Agilent Technologies, NetApp, and Qualcomm, Inc., prioritized flexibility as an important offer for their employees; and these companies are seeing thriving productivity. See the connection?

An article from Business Insider concludes that greater scheduling flexibility for employees correlates with higher productivity in the workweek. Companies that realize the necessity for employees to find and maintain a balance between their own life and work are the companies that create a successful working environment. Flexibility is important.

View the Business Insider article here:

Most Flexible Employers According to PayScale – Business Insider

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