Clif Bar’s Project 2080 Turns Work Hours Into Service Hours

2,080 hours.

The number of hours in one year a person works full-time, and the minimum number of hours employees at Clif Bar & Company collectively volunteer each year.

Project 2080 challenges Clif Bar & Company employees to set aside a few hours a year of their job to dedicate time volunteering for their favorite charities or organizations.

Unlike a monetary charity donation given by the company (which Clif Bar & Company does as well!), Project 2080 gets every employee involved and accountable.

The project is a chance for employees to spend time away from their daily responsibilities and give back. From the office to the outdoors, employees volunteer at the charity or foundation of their choice. Since it’s conception in 2001, the number of hours donated has grown. Last year, the number totaled 6,801 hours.

The actions of the company’s project affirm its commitment to corporate responsibility towards its employees and its community.


Clif Bar & Company | Soul | Volunteering

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