5 Steps to Office Happiness

Happiness in the workplace could be the secret to employee productivity. Companies are coming to this conclusion that these two ideas are in fact, correlated significantly with each other at an increasing pace. Happy employees equal productive employees. According to a recent Gallup Poll, unproductive employees create an economic loss of 350 billion dollars a year. So what should a company do to insure that their employees are happy and productive? We scoured the internet, and found a variety of lists of what it takes to create and maintain a happy work environment.

We pieced together five steps that resonated with us the most.

1. Relevant and Effective Training

Relevancy is extremely important in the expanding workplace. When employees are given the proper ongoing education and training in their respective field, their updated skills keep them pertinent among their peers and workload. Remaining relevant refreshes employees and pushes them to continue learning, and maintaining productivity.

2. Structured Feedback Sessions

This step focuses on the ability of managers and supervisors to accept and utilize the constructive feedback they receive from employees of any position or level. Creating a structured time and place for employees to express their concerns, ideas, or sentiments to managers builds respect among employees. Allowing every voice to be heard — and heeding their advice — is giving employees autonomy in the workplace. This generates responsibility, productivity, and happiness.

3. Focus on the Progress

No results can drain employees of their productivity. Make information transparent. Employees that can focus on the progress and see the direct, overt results of their hard work will increase their productivity.

4. Collaborative Projects Amongst all Levels

Intersecting an amplitude of skill levels, ideas, and departments can extract new information and concepts not seen without this teamwork. Collaboration of employees from different departments raises new points of view and interpretations that can be adapted to solve a chronic problem.

5. Show Appreciation

Say ‘thank you’, through extra benefits, raises, or even unlimited vacation. However you decide to give back to those who help the company thrive, your employees will be relieved, refreshed, and happy.

Five articles of inspiration:

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