Philanthropy in the Office


The cloud software company, Salesforce, began 14 years ago with an ambitious idea. One percent of its profit, one percent of its equity, and one percent of its employees’ time would be donated to the Salesforce Foundation — a nonprofit that supports a variety of causes.

Since then, CEO and founder Marc Benioff has remained faithful to the commitment to philanthropy. Since then, the Salesforce Foundation has donated $30 million and is projected to have donated $100 million within the next five years.

So how does it work?

Salesforce calls their philanthropic technique the 1/1/1 model. The people, technology, and resources of Salesforce are commissioned to donate time and knowledge towards a wide range of charitable actions:

1) Every year, employees at Salesforce are granted six days of paid time-off to volunteer at the organization of their choice.

1) The cloud software technology of Salesforce is donated to institutions of higher education, along with charities and nonprofits. At least 15,000 nonprofits use Salesforce’s services for free.

1) Lastly, the software company has their annual Force-for-Change grants program, which has donated more than $40 million in grants to various nonprofit organizations.

The rounded 1/1/1 model keeps corporate responsibility a priority for Marc Benioff and Salesforce. A model that inspires their employees.

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