The Perks of Being an Employee

big-benefitsInterviews are an opportunity to tell the company why you are the best fit. What makes you the most valuable asset? What skills and abilities can you offer the team?

How many interviews have you walked in to knowing every detail about the company’s benefits plan, work-wide celebrations, insurance options, and the number of vacation days you can redeem in a year? These perks could be the deciding factor for a candidate to choose one company over another, yet they are rarely mentioned until after you’ve been offered the job. Informed candidates can make a more knowledgeable decision on where they choose to work. This can eliminate the chance of a high turnover rate after only a few short months.

  • As a company, what incentives do you offer employees outside of the normal pay and benefits?
  • Job seekers, what do you want to be offered, outside of pay, at a company?

Please answer in the comment section below, and be creative! We’d love to hear what you think!

One comment

  1. As a job seeker, I would like the option to opt-out of certain benefits like medical, dental, vision for additional pay. I get them already from my spouse, so I would like to have the money I saved the employer put on my check.

    I would like to see more businesses offer discounts to gyms/healthy living, biking to work, and offer lunch time classes for such things as better living, better productivity, etc. Most jobs I have interviewed for already have the basics with no other options, so I really do not need to research to extensively.

    Also volunteer programs (paid or unpaid) that lets employees take a little time off their jobs to volunteer at food banks, dog shelters, or VA hospital.

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