Office vs. Home: The Battle of the Productive Workplaces

A company that suddenly purges its work-from-home option doesn’t seem to have a grasp on improving its employment brand or company culture.

In an effort to modify the company’s productivity at Yahoo, CEO Marissa Mayer has demanded all telecommuters to be present at the office, no matter the situation. This antiquated approach has imaginably disgruntled many employees at Yahoo.  Outside personnel in the HR field, where marketing a company’s culture is a significant part of recruiting, has been abuzz with this news. The option of working from home now eradicated, the rigidness of the workplace has crept back into the company culture of Yahoo.

Despite Mayer’s efforts to create a more team-centric office culture, this overhaul could leave many employees disappointed and disengaged with their job. In today’s professional networks, there seems to be an increasing disparity between those who believe the idea that working from home is equally as productive from the office and those who don’t believe that idea. Mayer has taken the latter’s concept and applied it wholeheartedly to her team.

Although there are a variety of factors that should be included when defining a company culture, the management’s flexibility for employees with imperfect schedules should be an important aspect. This includes allowing flexibility on where an employee works.

Do you work for a company that has a policy about working from home? Is it a viable option for your company? Do you believe that an employee could be equally as productive when at home?

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