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The Good Jobs Field Trip to SXSW!

Austin is better explained in pictures…  and from our photos, it’s obvious that we had an amazing time!  Beautiful city.  Weird people everywhere (so we fit right in)! SXSW was an experience.  And I’m glad we boot-strapped our trip this year.  We slept on couches, paid only for airfare and rental car (necessary because we […]

Be Human

The blog Fistful of Talent created a list of ideas the HR world should be thinking about in 2013. The one idea that grabbed my attention the most was number 10. “10. HUMAN INTERACTION HAS NEVER BEEN MORE PRECIOUS.   There’s almost no transaction that can’t be automated today, from buying groceries to learning about […]

What Is Culture?

What is culture? The author of the TechCrunch article “Programming Your Culture”, Ben Horowitz, says it is not dogs at work or yoga classes. Horowitz believes that culture must perpetuate a belief or value that drives the company and its employees. “Yes, yoga may make your company a better place to work for people who […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why do employees choose to stay or leave their current job? Read our infographic for the reasons! Click on image to enlarge.

What Defines a Good Job?

What is the most important factor in job satisfaction? Jeanette Bicknell at wrote a blog post asking the question – what really makes for a good job? Bicknell refers to DIW Berlin’s Socio-Economic Panel, which has collected data surveyed starting in 1984 from German households and found the number one reason for happiness in […]

Launch Party = SUCCESS!

The Good Jobs Launch Party was an amazing night! We had so much fun meeting everyone in the Milwaukee community who came out on Wednesday to support us. We appreciate all the encouragement we received, and we strive to make The Good Jobs the best that it can be for our customers. A special thank […]

Spring Has Sprung…And So Has The Good Jobs™!

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve seen that The Good Jobs website went live in preparation for our formal launch. We have timed our official company launch with the first day of spring…and we couldn’t be more excited. If you haven’t RSVPd for our launch party yet, there’s still time! Join […]

Hiring and the Rules of the Game

Our friends at Montage Talent recently posted on their blog about the frustrations of the hiring process with its endless loopholes, dead-ends, and lack of communication a company. Montage asks the question: why can’t it be easier? The blog post relates the complicated hiring process similar to the plot of a game show. Pit two […]

Where Does Wellness Begin?

We all have the potential to be happily employed and engaged. We all have the potential to be unhappily employed and disengaged. What do you do as an employee to insure that you are productive and satisfied at work? Focus on what you, as an individual, can do for yourself to help make your day […]

Is Career Choice the Reason Behind Employee Dissatisfaction?

Interesting article about the level of satisfaction among HR Practitioners. Worth a read. HR: Can I Get a Do-Over? Important truth from Eric Davis’ post: “How you deal with what happens is more important than what you think will happen. High performers aren’t necessarily more accurate prognosticators, they just spend more time looking to future […]