Does Your Website Speak Your Culture Language?


A company’s culture and branding are sometimes two different things.

A company’s customer and employment brands are sometimes two different things.

I recently spoke with a recruiter at a financial services company that said he has a unique challenge because the work environment he recruits for is entrepreneurial. They are looking for employees who can change the rules on how to work — from committing exceptional service to their customers and finding innovative ways to work in a static industry. Consequently, their work environment is highly charged with energy and the company is having record breaking success.

On the phone with him, I pulled up the company’s website. There was no indication of the company’s spirit. It’s work environment was missing on their home page, career page, and even job listings. Where was the culture?

Why are companies waiting to share their culture until there is a candidate looking for a job?

Square, a credit card reader that works with smartphones, has created a specific brand on their website explaining what it’s like to work there.

The goal of the website is to “hopefully give future team members real insight into what it’s like to work at Square.”

So? What is your website and career site saying about your organization?

Is it delivering an authentic message or not?

Your website is your biggest marketing asset, design it wisely.

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