A Candidate’s Fit is Crucial

Companies are finding top talent through building a competitive edge. This happens through promoting their employment brand while using their engagement programs and retention strategies as recruiting tools. Without question — recruiters and HR leaders know that a candidate’s fit is a critical factor to individual and company success.

Chris Forman founder of  StartWire and former CEO of AIRS, mentioned that he believes “one of the most influential factors in quality of hire and cost per hire is employment branding.” Job seekers are also looking for the right fit — how companies and jobs align with their personal work and life style is critical. It’s not enough to work at a job where only skills and location match.  Job seekers are 
looking for their own Good Job, subsequently taking responsibility for their own happiness and success.

Job interview

Here is a great article by Rayanne Thorn from Broadbean. Thorn gives a short list of questions that both recruiters and job seekers should discuss before an offer.

5 Pivotal Questions to Ask or Answer During the Hiring Process.

Let’s take question number five to the next step. Gone are the days that the job seeker should not ask about vacation, compensation, benefits, and a flexible schedule. Today, talented individuals are asking about the organization’s carbon footprint, investment in sustainability, company policies about family and personal emergencies, corporate and social responsibility, and the company’s philanthropic investments. Whether the authentic and honest answers are uncovered by the job seeker or the recruiter – they are important and necessary in the interview process.

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