Is Career Choice the Reason Behind Employee Dissatisfaction?


Interesting article about the level of satisfaction among HR Practitioners. Worth a read.

HR: Can I Get a Do-Over?

Important truth from Eric Davis’ post: “How you deal with what happens is more important than what you think will happen. High performers aren’t necessarily more accurate prognosticators, they just spend more time looking to future scenarios and building contingencies that will allow them to thrive. They look to all outcomes as a field of opportunity and, let’s face it, people that can muster that kind of optimism aren’t regretting their career choices.”

Regardless of the profession — there are way too many unproductive and disengaged employees; and it could be because of their career choice.  There are many reasons a person is happy or not as an employee. Most dissatisfied employees usually attribute their unhappiness to a plethora a factors: their boss, the economy, bad luck, the commute, being misunderstood, legislation, internal relations, external customers, lack of recognition, their poor performing employer, the number of hours they work, their low pay, the culture of the company, their spouse, their co-workers, being misunderstood, or a common one for HR professionals – not having a seat at the table.

There is no question that many of these reasons can create unhappiness. But rarely will individuals attribute their unhappiness to the decisions they have made for themselves. It is understandable that HR professionals would state that their level of satisfaction is not related to their own decision to choose HR as their career. This should apply to most people – regardless of profession.

What career path would you choose if you had to decide again?

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