Hiring and the Rules of the Game

Our friends at Montage Talent recently posted on their blog about the frustrations of the hiring process with its endless loopholes, dead-ends, and lack of communication a company. Montage asks the question: why can’t it be easier?

The blog post relates the complicated hiring process similar to the plot of a game show. Pit two contestants against one another, each with a respective company website. The contestants race through the website in order to find a number, contact, or person that they can reach out to. Bonus points if the contestant can speak with a person, and not an automated phone response.

In reality, job candidates deal with these crazy hazards almost every time they apply for a job online. The stressful time of seeking a job is increased with obstacles of hidden information, an incomplete application process, or lack of personal interactions that hinder the experience.

Read more on this subject at Montage’s blog: The Game of Hiring Excellence.

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