What Defines a Good Job?

What is the most important factor in job satisfaction?

Jeanette Bicknell at Mediate.com wrote a blog post asking the question – what really makes for a good job?

Bicknell refers to DIW Berlin’s Socio-Economic Panel, which has collected data surveyed starting in 1984 from German households and found the number one reason for happiness in a job is relations with with colleagues and managers. Task diversity and job security came in second and third, respectively.

She brings up a fantastic point – relationships with your colleagues are an important aspect of the workday. After all, you spend the majority of your day working with them. When colleagues respect each other, it creates a work environment more conducive to productivity. Cultural fit amongst your peers is just as important as cultural fit within a company. When employees can align their beliefs and work ethics with the same company, many will find they align with its employees as well.

Employees who are happy at work are happy with those they work with in their workday. This should go as a reminder to managers, supervisors, CEOS, and anyone in an executive position – treat your employees with respect. It leads to happiness and job satisfaction – factors behind a high retention rate.


Read Bicknell’s original blog post here: What Makes for a “Good Job”?

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