What Is Culture?

What is culture?

The author of the TechCrunch article “Programming Your Culture”, Ben Horowitz, says it is not dogs at work or yoga classes. Horowitz believes that culture must perpetuate a belief or value that drives the company and its employees.

“Yes, yoga may make your company a better place to work for people who like yoga. It may also be a great team-building exercise for people who like yoga. Nonetheless, it’s not culture. It will not establish a core value that drives the business and help promote in perpetuity. It is not specific with respect to what your business aims to achieve. Yoga is a perk.”

What should be taken into account, is how the employees feel when they are working at your company. Are they happy and satisfied with their team members and office environment? Is it because they can bring in their dog to work, or work on a flexible schedule, or have extra health benefits? A happy and productive work environment leads to a happy and productive culture.

Bringing your dog to work might not define culture on its own, but it is a building block in creating a culture that includes employees who enjoy what they do and where they are. Culture has many facets, taking a yoga class is just scratching the surface.

Programming Your Culture | TechCrunch.

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