Be Human

The blog Fistful of Talent created a list of ideas the HR world should be thinking about in 2013. The one idea that grabbed my attention the most was number 10.


  There’s almost no transaction that can’t be automated today, from buying groceries to learning about health issues. And customers are starting to resist. Look for places to act more human. 2013 reverses the trend toward automated everything, as humanity becomes the crucial differentiator between a beloved brand and a commodity.

NOTE TO HR:  This is my mantra for 2013 and on. Just change the word customer to employee in the previous paragraph.  It truly is about BEING HUMAN.  And you all SHOULD be the experts at it!”

A simple, yet strangely profound idea: BE HUMAN.

Automation has infiltrated our way of life. Buying groceries, going to the bank, and applying for jobs is automatic with little human reaction. Automation is prevalent in your daily life; the recorded message has now become the standard for customer service options. It may save money in the short run, but in the long run, your customer experience could lead to unhappy customers. People will get fatigued by the idea of not having human interaction when they are giving a company their business. When the people are taken out of the equation, businesses lose their sense of personality.

If you’re starting your business, keep your personality. People are craving it.

Read the original blog post here: What HR Should Be Thinking in 2013 | Fistful of Talent.

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