The Good Jobs Field Trip to SXSW!

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Austin is better explained in pictures…  and from our photos, it’s obvious that we had an amazing time!  Beautiful city.  Weird people everywhere (so we fit right in)!

SXSW was an experience.  And I’m glad we boot-strapped our trip this year.  We slept on couches, paid only for airfare and rental car (necessary because we were 25 minutes from the city) and frequented food trucks for $4 meals (still missing Torchy’s Tacos).  All in all, the trip was great.  We had several good meetings with super smart people like Jessica Merrell, Kevin Grossman, Jenn Lim and Tim McDonald.  Everyone was very generous with their time.  The pace of SXSW is hurried, because there’s so much going on, but people were present and engaged.  A refreshing dichotomy!

See you in 2014! Stay weird.

– Betsy, co-founder, The Good Jobs

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