Volunteering During the Workday – This Company Believes In It

A true example of a company that gives back to their community.

A Wisconsin company has stepped in to volunteer at a food pantry, where many day-time shift volunteers are hard to find. Standard Imaging, a technology company based in Middleton, has partnered with Middleton Outreach Ministry to make sure these volunteer shifts are covered. The food pantry run by Middleton Outreach Ministry is open longer than most food pantries in the area, so many shifts during the workday are hard to fill. This is where Standard Imaging steps up: the company pays their employees to work a needed shift at the food pantry.

The volunteer work is a refreshing case of companies who feel a certain responsibility for the community that has helped foster their success. Patty Neumueller, the human resources director at Standard Imaging, realizes the importance of giving back from a corporate level.

“The desire to help and contribute to making a difference in the Middleton community remains as a high priority. It feels good to do good. It makes us realize just how much we have to be grateful for in our own lives,” Neumueller said.

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