Never Settle

In today’s economy, there a variety of reasons why someone could convince themselves that they should take the first job they are offered, despite it being a mediocre position.

“At least I can start here and work my way up.”

“A paycheck is better than nothing.”

“I might not get anything else for a while.”

These excuses can stop someone from reaching their true potential in the career market; as well as being exactly what they are…excuses.

Job candidates should realize that, despite what is being said of the economy, they still have a choice. Hiring managers do not have the final say; it is up to the candidates to take into consideration the entire aspects of a job – and not just the fact that it’s a job – before they choose. Deciding whether to accept a job offer should take time and thought. When a candidate takes the first job they are offered, the decision is being moved from the candidate to the hiring manager. The candidate forfeits his or her freedom to choose a job that ignites a passion.

An employee needs to find a niche within a company. Companies have the responsibility to foster and encourage their employees to grow in the niche. Yes, the recent economy was not conducive to a growing job market. That should not stop job seekers from settling. It is just as important for companies to find the right candidate for a position as it is for job seekers to find the right fit in a company. There is a great market for top talent – so don’t sell yourself short.

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