Keep Your Employees

Every company wants to keep their employees. A high employee turnover is costly and time consuming. According to, the total cost of hiring an employee is upwards of $18,795.

That’s just for one employee.

Blogger at TLNT, Mark Toth, explains how to keep employees happy and engaged. He breaks it down into six words: Empathize, Enhance, Empower, Evaluate, Encourage, Envision.


Employees that are engaged in their job are much more likely to remain in their position. Employee engagement is extremely important in keeping costs down; job posts, interviews, and lost revenue increases the costs every day without an employee to fill the position.

Keep your employees engaged.

An employee and a company should have a symbiotic relationship. The employee should be accountable for their duties, tasks, and responsibilities and a company should be accountable for the health and well-being of their employees.

Read more about the infographic and the Six E’s of Engagement here: The Top 10 Reasons That Your Employees Really Quit.

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