Find the “WHY”

Let’s get back to the ‘why’.

In a business plan there are three common concepts that drive a business forward: what, how, and why. The blog, Blogging4Jobs, emphasized that many professionals are starting to lose sight of the most important concept behind a business: why. Why do you believe in this job? Why do you do what you are doing?

The most important part of starting a business is focusing on why you believe in the business. Our weeks account for 40+ hours of dedication to our careers. It is imperative that we spend those hours in something (or somewhere) we believe in – whether it’s the product, the company’s attitude towards its community, or the day-to-day culture of the office.

To future and current entrepreneurs, start with why you want to be a part of your business. Then you can answer how you will achieve success and what happens when you do.

Read the original Blogging4Jobs blog post here.

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