Talent Communities

Talent communities are becoming the new source of talent acquisition. Common job post websites are dwindling, so companies are turning to talent websites directed at career recruitment and personal growth, like LinkedIn. Having one social forum for recruiting talent can reduce the time and money spent on finding the right candidate. Talent communities are the future of recruiting and sourcing because of their ease and availability. An employer can easily get an idea of what a candidate’s skills and motivations are by looking at their profile. Building relationships are a crucial part of creating and building a business, and strong business and personal relationships as the foundation of a successful business model are mostly through networking. Networking via talent community websites is an important step in the process.

Unfortunately, because of it’s popularity, it will eventually lead to a problem some call “over-fishing”. If recruiters limit themselves to one social talent community, the amount of undiscovered top talent shrinks drastically. Relying solely on one social networking site for recruitment could lower the engagement of candidates within the site. For example, if a candidate – who is highly qualified and recommended – is continuously being networked for positions of lower caliber, this could lead the candidate to drop in activity. Why be constantly bothered by recruiters with nothing to offer just because you’ve created a profile?

So how do we solve this problem? Recruiters want to find the right-fit candidates in a timely and cost-effective manner, and candidates want to find a company that will fit in with their personal needs. The Good Jobs is creating a medium for candidates and companies to interact through jobs that have the right cultural fit. Cultural fit is important – it saves money by avoiding a high employee turnaround rate. To avoid “over-fishing” – because a recruiter can’t find the right candidate – the right cultural fit between a company and a candidate needs to merge at the very beginning of the recruitment process. Candidates and companies that are aligned in cultural fit ideals can interact, already knowing that the company’s culture and the candidate will work together.

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