A Texas Company That Develops Within

The need for skilled labor is increasing. The amount of skilled workers, however, is decreasing. One company in Texas is reversing the loss of these skills and reeducating people to fill the gaps. The IT hosting company, Rackspace, is creating an educational plan for those who need the skills to work at their company. It started when Rackspace was looking for job candidates with the ability to create and run several apps within a cloud-based server, but couldn’t find the right skill match in their job candidates. The company found the lack of job candidates as an opportunity to create skilled workers. Open Cloud Academy, is a 6-8 week course that focuses on in-demand skills like software development, network security, and cyber security.

Rackspace invests in the time and money to train candidates because it realizes that the need for these skills will not falter or fade. The growing number of tech companies continues to rise, and the academy allows the job force to keep up. Along with gaining new hires after the class ends, other companies are able to reap the benefits of Open Cloud Academy. Rackspace hires one-third of the participants in the academy, leaving a job-seeking force properly trained and skilled for their future positions.

The academy, and the company, are making it manageable for job-seekers to acquire the necessary skills to be a valuable asset to the team. Rackspace is creating an environment of career development within their own company. They see the importance of keeping employees relevant and updated on new skills and techniques, which in turn, will keep the company relevant and updated in the constant change of technology.

Read the Business Insider article here: Business Shouldn’t Whine About Skills Gap

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