Culture Brand vs. Employment Brand

What defines a culture brand? What defines an employment brand? Is there a difference?

Companies want to compete in brand. What employer has the best brand? A brand that appeals to job candidates is the goal for any company that wants to attract talent; brand is important. But how do you determine a company’s true culture from the one it promotes? There are two faces to a company’s brand: culture brand and employment brand.

Culture brand is how employees interact with one another in their work environment. Employment brand is how a company markets their jobs to job seekers, candidates, and anyone not an employee. An employee will see the culture brand, and a job seeker will see the employment brand. The two brands should match in ideals and practices. What the company offers its employees through employment brand and how the employees work together through culture brand should by symbiotic. The two brands should not have opposing viewpoints, what the employees experience should be what the company is promoting through their social networks.

How many times have you applied for a job with a certain employment brand that you thought coincided with your personal ideals to be disappointed to find the culture did not match what the company was promoting?


A company should have the opportunity – and responsibility – to quantify their culture brand into a promotable employment brand.

Do you work (or have you worked) at a company with different culture and employment brands? Do you believe it’s important for companies to leverage their culture brand into an employment brand to attract top talent? Tell us in your comments!

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