4 Day Workweeks

We want to know. Could you live with a 4-day workweek? One of the biggest requests companies receive from their employees is a good work and life balance. The workweek is changing. The flexibility of employees and employers is becoming more common, with its positive (and negative) consequences. Employees have greater freedom from the rigid 9 to 5 workday.


Some companies are moving on from the flexible workday and are shrinking the workweek. Some companies have reduced the workweek to 4 days. Employees are only asked to work from Monday to Thursday. One significant drawback of the 4 day workweek: losing a day of pay. Some companies that shortened the workweek for financial reasons. Would this matter to you?

Would you lose a day of pay if you had one extra day to run errands, spend time with family, travel, or catch up on your sleep? Does the less pay make it worth it? Let us know your thoughts and join the discussion in our comments section!


Here is an original blog post on this topic:

Could We Learn to Love the 4-Day Work Week? | The Savvy Intern by YouTern.

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  1. Suzanne · · Reply

    Depending on my wage, I would likely take the Friday Furlough if it was offered to me. Unfortunately, I have yet to work for a company that is willing to let me work a 4 day 40 hour work week…which is a bummer.

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