How to Attract Discerning Job Seekers [Part 2]

Are you looking for strong contributors to your team, that will bring talent and fit with your culture, and will bring their discretionary effort to your company’s success? Then you are looking for discerning job seekers, who choose to bring their talent and expertise to your company and who will create and contribute to your engaged workforce.

Discerning job seekers make job and career choices based on what aligns with their life and work style. Here are some tips to help you attract discerning employees:


  • Communicate your culture in an authentic way. You know what authentic means: Don’t try to be all things to all people – tell your unique story. Be specific. Skip the marketing buzzwords like happy, family-friendly, entrepreneurial and learning organization. What’s family friendly for you might not meet your job seekers expectations. Be transparent as early in the process as possible.  Don’t wait until the offer letter and onboarding to share what’s good about your organization.
  • Think about what your ideal employees want. Ask your current employees what programs, activities and amenities they value most. Track where you get the most employee participation. See what they’re most interesting in adding to your culture.
  • Create pride in your workplace and employment brand. No doubt you have engaged employees and have great stories to tell. Talk about them, document them, video tape testimonials, post pictures. Build a great employee referral program that includes these stories, so your employees become your best recruiter. They will find talented and discerning people just like them.
  • Give permission to discerning job seekers. Educate interested candidates and let them ask lots of questions, and then don’t disqualify them because they’re selfish and entitled! Remember, you want to answer all the WIIFM questions. A one-way conversation that adheres to a rigid structure is not a good way to entice the discerning job seeker. Get all your questions answered too – of course.  And remember, recruiting is a sales activity as well as a screening activity.
  • Avoid new employee buyer’s remorse.  The honeymoon can end pretty quickly if your new, talented employee finds that what’s important isn’t available to them at your company.  According to DDI Selection Forecast 2012, more than half of all new hires suffer from buyers’ remorse.

Okay – not every company and every job needs a discerning employee. Depending on your company and its specific goals, you may not need or want to invest in the discerning job seeker right now. Maybe you have needs for candidates with skill requirements that are readily available and you have a ready supply of qualified applicants that meet your needs. In that case, I’ll let you head to one of our other blog posts now, where you can find tips to motivate your employees, build a stronger corporate culture and more.

But at the end of the day, the discerning job seeker helps make organizations stronger. Because they can force you to reassess your hiring process and how you attract candidates and because they can create a stronger, more productive workforce for your organization. Sounds like a win/win for any business, doesn’t it?

Have any observations or insights into the discerning employee? We’d love to hear them! Join the conversation in the comments section below.


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