How Many Weeks Is Enough?

Yahoo has been receiving criticism lately for its decision to eliminate remote, or telecommuting employees. Employees need companies to accommodate their often hectic, crazy lives outside of their job and it looked as if Yahoo was not doing its part. Telecommuting offered reprieve for ill employees, employees who are parents of young children, and employees that live far away. Suddenly, all remote Yahoo employees have had to make arrangements to get themselves into the office everyday. It looked as if Yahoo was the inflexible bad guy.

Not so fast.

Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer has recently made another startling announcement about its evolving work schedule: employee’s maternity leave doubled. Yahoo has raised the number of paid maternity leave weeks from 8 to 16; and giving fathers 8 weeks of paid paternity leave. Yahoo is also giving an allowance, along with company gifts for new parents and their children.



We want to know what our readers think. Would you trade in the option of working from home for more maternity / paternity leave? Why or why not? Does your company have a policy on maternity leave? Is it enough time?

Tell us in the comments!

Read more on this subject at Mashable.


  1. You really need to hire an editor or someone who knows something about writing.

    1. Thanks for your input! We made a few grammatical changes to the post.

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