Culture Is More Than Perks

Let’s set something straight. Company culture is not limited to picnics, baseball outings, and a few days a year employees can bring in their pets. These special perks are fantastic for company morale, and often necessary for employees to step away from their work to take a few deep breaths and clear their head.

These social outings that refresh and re-energize employees at every level are great, but they’re not the definitive measures of corporate culture. Corporate culture varies among companies. Companies of every size have a unique culture within its team. Culture can be intangible. Yes, it can include the tangible factors of a fun working environment; but culture doesn’t stop there. Culture reaches far beyond the birthday celebrations and ping pong tables. It encompasses values of employees, from environmental advocacy, to ethnic diversity. It embraces the development of employees in their career, a company’s responsibility to its surrounding communities, and the importance of employee’s lives outside of their job.

So yes, culture can be fun. It can include pizza parties, half-day Fridays, and free drinks. But it goes further than that.

Culture imitates the employee environment. It is developed within the company, rooted deep in the values and work ethics of its employees. It is a growing, living entity.

Here at The Good Jobs, we understand that culture is a far-reaching subject. Our badges offer several, separate aspects of what a company offers its employees, and quantifies these aspects into recognizable visuals. The badges are Fun, Extreme Perks, Corporate Responsibility, Flextime, Green DNA, Inclusion, and Career Development. Any of these badges refer to culture. One badge’s criteria can represent a company’s culture, to all seven badges.

If your company doesn’t allow employees to play air hockey or pinball, don’t fret. Your company has other aspects of its distinguishable culture to showcase.

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