Hire The Person, Not Just Their Skills

Hiring a job candidate is a strategic and time-consuming process for many companies. It requires a match of skills, experience, and personality between the candidate and the position. Matching a candidate with a position can take a few days, or even weeks.

Of course, companies should take careful consideration into matching the skills and experience required for a job with the skills and experience that a job candidate has to offer. Skills and experience are important, but they should not be the only criteria a person must fill to be hired. A company should consider its own culture when choosing a candidate. The hiring manager should ask him or herself this: Will this person fit into our culture?

Cultural fit is a necessary factor to include in the job candidate search. If a candidate does not fit into the culture of the company, it could cause tension, alienation, and disagreements. A high employee turnover is expensive for a company, and a waste of time for a disgruntled employee.

Finding a candidate with the right skills and experience for a job is necessary for the job to be done, but finding a candidate with the right cultural fit is necessary for the company’s health. The health of the company relies on its employees productivity and engagement. Corporate culture increases employee engagement through the employee’s satisfaction with the company.

Company culture – an important factor in finding the right fit in a job candidate.

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