Employee Perks: Thinking Outside Of The Box

We love when we hear about companies who provide their employees with fantastic perks and amenities.

Dedicated employees deserve the recognition for their hard work and contribution. These nine companies have thought outside the box, and taken their benefits package to the extreme! Here are the companies with just a few of their amazing employee perks.

S.C. Johnson provides an on-site concierge with services ranging from package delivery/drop-off, to oil changes for your car, to discounted prices on flower and grocery deliveries.

Amgen, Inc. employees receive almost double the normal amount of paid time-off (PTO) days. They also have access to healthy in-house cafe options for meals, and nutritional counseling for new mothers.

Google, Inc. offers their team members free meals from their gourmet kitchens, the chance to bring in their dogs to work, and access to in-house doctors and gyms. New parents also receive a monthly stipend during the first months of parenting.

Netflix, Inc. gives employees unlimited vacation time!

Genentech, Inc. employees have the option to use the company’s day-care facility, 24-hour libraries, or laundry services. After a stressful week, employees can unwind at during the Friday-night socials.

MillerCoors, LLC has on-campus bars just for employees, stocked with free beer. Need we say more?!

SAS Institute, Inc. provides a free medical center staffed with doctors and nurses. Employees also have access to the company gym, an Olympic-sized pool, and the fitness center for subsidized massages.

F5 Networks, Inc. offers a monthly transportation stipend, Friday parties, and a game room stocked with foosball, ping pong, and pool tables.

Chesapeake Energy Corp. employees have access to discounted scuba certification classes to participate in the company’s scuba trips to Mexico. Awesome!!

We found the list here: Nine Companies With The Best Perks | Woman’s Day

And yes, it’s from Woman’s Day, but it applies to everyone!

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