Put Culture In Your Job Postings

A recent article from ERE.net discusses what sets great job postings apart from mediocre job postings. It implores that all job postings should have at least one line about the company, a detailed description of the exact responsibilities, a short list of requirements, and salary information. These four proponents of a job posting are necessary for job seekers to understand the position.

We believe that job postings can go further. Placing the company’s culture in the job posting is important, since culture can attract top talent.

Applying for jobs can be a stressful and tedious process. Finding the right job with a corporate culture that matches your work style is difficult, especially without the correct information on a company. As a talented job seeker, how do you know which company’s culture aligns with your work and life styles?

Job postings contain a lot of information. They list requirements and necessary experience, a brief description about job duties and responsibilities, and maybe a short, euphemistic description about the company. If job seekers are lucky, some job postings list employee benefits and salary.

Many companies have great corporate cultures, but don’t broadcast their distinguishable amenities in their job postings. This oversight could lose talented, discerning job seekers in the application process. How is a company going to attract the top talent it needs without any information on why the talented candidate should work there?

Job postings are a great chance for companies to display their corporate culture. A company’s culture should be their biggest asset; the secret weapon to attract the top talent. A job posting with little to no information on the company will receive applications from desperate job seekers – those who are willing to take a job anywhere, despite the lack of any information on the company. Job postings with key information about what the company offers its employees in amenities, programs, and benefits will attract the discerning job seekers – those who have the skills and experience to utilize their talent in a growing, successful company.

It should never be about the quantity of job candidates a posting receives, it should be about the quality. Quality applications from talented candidates require quality job postings to entice them to apply. A job posting should be able to pull a candidate away from their current position.

What makes a company’s employment brand thrive? The answer is in its culture.

What do you think? What do you want to see in every job posting? What would get you to change companies? Share your thoughts in our comments section below!

Read the original article here: What Great Job Postings Have In Common | ERE.net

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