Organizational Structure And Culture

Organizational culture is a term that we’ve heard before. But what does it really mean? Organizational culture is the foundation of how a company creates and maintains a structured hierarchy of employees. In other words, it’s organization!

Every company has a community of employees in order to produce work in a way they feel is most efficient and cost-effective for them. This structure was most likely implemented based on the culture of the company. We all know by now how important a company’s culture is when creating a work space for employees to collaborate and innovate, but it’s also just as important for a culture to determine the organizational and managerial structure of a company.

How a company fosters its relationships between managers and individual contributors is defined by how it views its employees. A good corporate culture is cohesive with a good organizational structure. But which comes first?

In this matter, it doesn’t matter. Companies that take the time and effort to create an exceptional corporate culture, or organizational culture, will find that the foundation for the rest of the company has already been laid.


Establish and maintain a good organizational or corporate culture, and success will follow. It is imperative for companies to upkeep their corporate culture after its creation; a company that loses sight of its culture will hit productivity snags along the way.

An organizational structure that is healthy and productive most likely stems from a healthy and productive corporate culture, and vice versa.

So what are we trying to say, exactly? Establishing a fun, green, or flexible work environment is necessary in attracting talent. Establishing a structure that fosters development and growth is necessary in retaining talent.

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