Become A Talent Magnet

Today, job seekers have choices and have become more discerning. There are five generations in the workforce, and regardless of age, individuals are looking not only for a job that matches their skills, but a job that is meaningful and matches both their individual life and work style.

It is important for companies with hiring needs to become “talent magnets”. It is not enough for companies to “post and pray!” (translation: solely advertise your open position on a job board and hop the right candidates apply). While recruiting may reside in your Human Resources department, it really is a marketing function.

So how do companies target and market themselves to these new discerning job seekers? How do companies find applicants that qualify for the job, fit their organization and become engaged and productive employees?



Embrace that every candidate is a customer.

When companies sell to their customers – branding is key. When companies market to job seekers and employees, it is their culture that defines their employment brand.


Turn culture into a competitive recruiting advantage.

Every company has a unique story to tell. The company’s mission, vision, and values are the voice of the company and can create a compelling story. The fun and caring employee programs and activities companies invest in are the quantitative markers of an attractive employment brand.


Tell your story.

Don’t wait until the interview to tell candidates what makes you special. The hiring process starts long before the interview. Make it easy for job seekers to learn about what is unique and special about your company in social media, on your website/career page, and through job postings.

Begin to get job seekers engaged with your organization during the very beginning of their job search, not just during the face-to-face interview and onboarding process. Now you’re on your way to becoming a “talent magnet”!

Rather than being a single marketing channel (like a job board), The Good Jobs has created a “common culture language” illustrated by seven proprietary Badges. Employers can utilize The Good Jobs Badges to enhance all their marketing channels…job postings, social media, emails, and other communication and outreach tools.

-Anne Nimke, Cofounder and CEO


  1. Great article! I just recently started a job doing marketing for the recruiting team here at Where can I find more information about the Good Jobs Badges?

    1. Thanks Greg! We would love to chat. Please contact us at or We’re looking forward to our chat!

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