Focus on the Future

When J.C. Penney let go of its CEO, how well do you think they handled breaking the news to its employees?

If you guessed not so well – well, you’re correct.

Blogger and author Aubrey Daniels writes in his blog the major mistake J.C. Penney made when they began to focus on the past, instead of looking to their employees for the future.

What was Penney’s biggest mistake? The company provided a therapist for the employees to discuss how they felt about the CEO’s absence. Executives who made that decision missed the mark on how to react to changes in a company’s culture and growth. Instead of letting employees spend time during the workday to stew over the loss of the CEO, the supervisors of J.C. Penney should have focused on letting the employees discuss the future. Focusing on the future instead of the past will allow for growth.

The future of a company is in its employees. J.C. Penney needs to focus on asking its employees on how to move forward, instead of asking its employees to look back.

Simple as that.

Read more of what Daniels has to say in his blog post: J.C. Penney Provides OOPS #14 « Aubrey Daniels’ Blog.

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