Job Postings Need Spring Cleaning, Too!

How many blog posts have you recently come across that argues the need to spring clean your resume? There seems to be a lot circulating the professional blogosphere about what to say on your resume, what to remove, and how to format it.

Discerning job seekers that spend the time to create a resume and cover letter to land them an interview are looking for companies to spend the time to create the job postings that will attract them to the company.

Job postings have big shoes to fill. They need to attract the right talent to apply for the respective position. Companies are looking for the best talent they can find, but how could they do so with a mediocre job posting? Job postings have the ability to speak to the job seekers that are the best fit for the company.

A job posting needs to jump out of the page, grabbing the attention of the right job seekers. So how does a company do that?

We’ve compiled a short list of tips that could be helpful in creating a job posting that speaks to the right candidate – finding that perfect match!

1. Your culture is an important aspect of your employment brand – place it in your job postings to attract the talent that will appreciate what you do for employees! Job seekers want to know what they’re really getting themselves into when they apply to work at a company – tell them.

2. Update your postings often. They should reflect the constant ebb and flow of the company and its hiring needs. Don’t let them sit on a job board, even though the position has been filled weeks ago.

3. Post the right information. Requirements, benefits, salary, and responsibilities need to be on every job posting. Make sure every job requirement and responsibility is detailed and correct. No company’s HR Department wants to sift through applications from engineers when its looking for a copywriter.

4. Proofread your posting. Please don’t say you’re looking for detale orentated peeople.

5. Lastly, place your job postings where your target market can see them. Use a variety of options to get the word out you are hiring. Job boards, social media, your career website, are all places to start. Network. Share information. You never know, your perfect candidate just might be following you on Twitter.

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