Risk vs. Reward

The statistics are scary. According to the Harvard Business School, 3 out of 4 startups do not live to see success. So why is it that the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive in many regions across the United States? The decision to foster an idea and build it into a business plan requires risk. The risk of failure is extremely prevalent when building a business from the ground up, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from doing it. The startup community is full of risk takers. And with risk, can come rewards.

Risk is the only way to achieve the great reward of seeing your business thrive.
Risk is what will grow your business.
Risk has the chance to redeem and reward.


There is always the other possibility of taking the risk, lurking in the back of everyone’s minds, but it is the entrepreneurial risk-takers that do not scare away from that possibility. It is what drives them to succeed. The rewards and benefits of a successful business venture outweigh the risk of failure in their mind. Startups are alive, they pivot to maintain relevancy, and grow according to outside factors, like their customers.

Taking a risk, like starting a business, takes calculation. The reward of seeing your business grow should be greater than the risk of seeing it fail.
And even so – with failure comes learning. There never needs to be an “only one shot”.

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