Creative Workspaces

Beer fridges. Dogs at work. Holiday parties and free pizza.

Just a few of many startups’ favorite things. The startup culture is unique, and distinguishes itself from the established businesses of yesteryear. Startups focus on their employees; and what makes them happy and engaged. We believe that creating an environment to foster employees’ ideas and creative thinking is critical to keep a business running smoothly. Employees spend many hours at the office. Its GOOD for them to be comfortable in their personal space for peak productivity and job satisfaction.

An office designed for innovation and creativity is an important factor when building a workspace.

These 13 startups have taken this idea – and created extreme workspaces! You can view them at Mashable here: 13 Hot Startups With Inspired Office Design.

Are these offices hip or hype?

All companies have a budget to maintain, so how far is too far when attempting to design a fun and unique office?

What makes an office a creative workspace?

We want to know your thoughts! What would be your biggest priorities when building a workspace for your new business? How would you design it? What would include?

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