5 Signs Your Employees (or YOU!) Enjoy Working

You spend a majority of your waking hours working. Whether you’re in an office or working from the comfort of your home, as a full-time employee you most likely log in at least 40 hours – a typical work week.

Because you spend so much time behind the computer, machine, desk, podium, or wheel, you should enjoy it enough to justify spending so much time away from your friends and family.

So how do you know when an employee enjoys his or her job? These 5 signs are helpful in determining employee engagement. Are one or more of these signs not pertaining to employees? That could be a sign they no longer enjoy their job.

1. Monday mornings are not dreaded every week. Mondays are the start of a new week. It is the best time to organize the priorities and tasks for the upcoming work week. If an employee enjoys his/her job, they’ll feel satisfied having a plan to tackle projects for the next 5 days. Mondays will not change, but the attitude about them can. Having a case of the Mondays every once in a while is fine, but spending every Sunday night dreading the upcoming work week is not.

2. Time spent working is productive. Are your employees getting what you need to get done, or are they browsing a friend’s Facebook page? If your employees spend most of their workday goofing off, they are not taking their job seriously. Everyone needs a break to watch a funny cat video, but if someone is spending the entire afternoon watching every cat video ever made, then they’re no longer engaged.

3. An occasional early morning or a late night at the office isn’t scary. Deadlines need to be met, and every now and then those deadlines have a shorter runway that you’d anticipated. Spending a few extra hours in the office to finish everything is a ‘necessary evil’ if you want the work completed.

4. Teamwork is appreciated and valuable.  Team players in the office are great. Larger projects can get completed faster when a team is dedicated to tackling the work. Every employee has its own individual strengths and perspectives to bring to the table, which is helpful when creating a cohesive team. If an employee clashes with the team, that could mean they’re no longer interested in maintaining the company’s culture.

5. All hands are on deck. Have a great team of employees that work well together and are not afraid to volunteer their time to benefit the company? GREAT! Every employee is a piece of the company culture puzzle, and should fit easily into the corporate surroundings. Employees that hide from extra work, or can’t be found when a volunteer is needed, are not interested or engaged in their job.

These 5 signs can help determine which employees are engaged, productive, and happy – and which employees are not.

Don’t be afraid to utilize these tips to determine WHY employees (or you) are no longer engaged in the work. Is it the employee, the workload, or the company culture? Employees can lose focus for many reasons, so its important to always be in touch with the office dynamic.


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