Have You Found Your Sweet Spot?

Well…. have you?

Do you know how to find your sweet spot? Otherwise known as the Hedgehog Concept, the idea was created by Jim Collins in his work, Good to Great. It’s about finding a balance among three important factors of work and life: passion, skills and talent, and economic motivation.

Take a look at the graphic below to see how the Hedgehog Concept works cohesively with these three factors.



So let’s find your Hedgehog. Can you answer these three questions with the same answer?

-What are you good at producing or creating?

-What can you make money doing?

-What are you passionate about?

If you can answer these questions with one idea, you’ve found your Hedgehog, or sweet spot!

So why is finding your Hedgehog so important? It’s simple. It drives productivity, creativity, and happiness in the workplace. Employees who can pinpoint a singular mission behind what drives them to work in their career field, they’ll achieve a sense of ‘work nirvana’, striking that balance of pleasure, talent, and necessity. Employees who are only going through the motions, punching the clock in and out everyday haven’t found their Hedgehog. Why? It’s because they are no longer engaged in their work. Once you find your Hedgehog, your passion, skills, and the need to work are combined into one simple, motivating concept. It’s a sweet spot of engagement!

What’s your Hedgehog? Is it your job right now? Tell us in the comments section below!

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