5 Traits That Companies With GOOD Cultures Have

There is a reason some companies attract all the talent. It’s because they know what job seekers want: a cultural fit between work and life styles. So what traits do these companies have that puts them in the ‘hot seat’ to attract the right job seekers?

1. Autonomy – Employees are their own person, and they need to be treated as such. Companies who understand that employees need independence in their responsibilities will see that when they treat employees with the respect they deserve, employees are productive, engaged in their work, and happy in the office (or home!) environment.

2. Flexibility – Need to duck away for half a day to see your kid perform in the school play? Employees who find it easier to maintain a better balance between their work and life will stay at the company that understands how hectic lives can become.

3. Openness – Communication is one of the most important parts of working with a team. Keeping communication lines open creates transparency and clarity. Transparency in a business keeps employees informed, so they are more apt to perform or make decisions that are based on the correct information.

4. Innovation – Companies that are not afraid to get creative, think outside the box, and take risks see growth in their culture.

5. Growth – An organizational culture that allows for growth and adaptability is a trait that every company should have if it wants to succeed. A company that can’t learn from its mistakes will soon find itself stagnating.

It doesn’t stop there. Companies can have all sorts of traits that gives them an edge towards great corporate culture. What would you add to this list? What traits do companies need in order to have a great corporate culture?


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