Who’s Applying For Your Jobs?

Placing a standard job posting online just doesn’t cut it anymore. If companies want their HR Departments to sift through hundreds of job applications and resumes, to potentially not even find the candidate they are looking for, is wasting their time. Job postings are there to entice and attract the right job seekers, not every job seeker. Instead of recruiters digging their way through piles and piles of resumes, the job posting should do the work for them. So how can a job posting do that?

First, companies need to understand the difference between discerning and desperate job seekers. We’ve written a few posts about discerning and desperate job seekers in the past (hey, we’re passionate about it!) but we want to address it again. Discerning job seekers want to find a job that they can fit well into, culturally. They want a company that meshes well with their work and life styles. Companies want discerning job seekers. Discerning job seekers know what they want, and are willing to do the research to find the job that’s right for them. Desperate job seekers don’t care which job they are applying for, as long as it’s a fast track to money and work. Desperate job seekers don’t take the time to explore a company’s culture and employment brand, they just blindly apply.

This is where job postings come into play. A bland, boring job posting with a lack of any information about what the company is like behind closed doors will attract job seekers that just don’t care. Why would they bother to apply for a job with a job posting that speaks nothing of the company or company’s culture? Because they’re more focused on beating their personal record for hitting the most ‘submit application’ buttons in a day.

If job postings want to attract the candidates that will be the best fit for a company, they need to address the company culture. Companies that place what working there is really like in their posting, they’ll find it’s much easier to find the right candidate. A company that wants to share its culture – through job postings – will find that more of their job candidates will want to work there for the office environment, and not just a paycheck.

The right candidate is out there, he or she just needs the right information to apply.

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