Who’s At The Top?

Take a look at your organizational chart. Who’s at the top? Is it the owner, CEO, or founder? This article from Inc.com argues that businesses with the standard organizational chart of CEO at the top and employees at the bottom don’t understand how their business should work. The author suggests turning the chart upside down. Why?

Flip Your Org. Chart Upside Down | Inc

The customers are now at the top. This makes perfect sense, since a business needs to focus on keeping its customers satisfied if it wants to stay alive. Now, instead of an outdated, top-down approach with the CEO and managers above the employees, the new model focuses on keeping the employees at the top of the business structure with the customers’ needs the most powerful.

Let’s take it one step further. Instead of keeping the chart and turning it on its head, why don’t we dissolve the chart? Instead of a hierarchy, the lack of the chart can create a team environment that focuses on collaboration, not who’s more powerful or who makes more money.

What do you think? Does an organization need a chart to stay focused? Is the organizational chart outdated? Does it depend on every business? (It might, but give us some details if it does!) Let’s start a discussion! Tell us what you think is the best way to organize a team.

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