Hiring Manager’s Ideal Candidate! Are You KIDDING Me?! 3 Tips To Infuse Reality Into The Conversation

I just received a marketing email from an HR technology provider who asked —
Do you want to hire an HR professional who will:
·         Work 24/7/365
·         Never take a day off
·         Never complain about anything
·         Require no paid benefits
·         Will do everything you ask
·         Never make a mistake
And all guaranteed!
Made me laugh — very clever marketing!  We expect our technology to work this way — right?
Unfortunately there are hiring managers that have similar expectations to the ones in the list, and create a job description that no one in the current organization could ever fill! Actually, there is probably no one who actually exists with the perfect combination of skills and experience. I’ve heard it said that there really isn’t a shortage of talent, it just seems there is, partly due to this new phenomenon of unrealistic job descriptions. I don’t quite agree with that conclusion because I think there are pockets of shortages of within certain skill families in specific locations.  I also believe that it will get harder and more competitive to recruit and retain talent – we can see it happening now.
What to do?
  • Give your Hiring Managers realistic expectations about their job descriptions and ‘ideal’ candidate.
  • Inform them about the demographics and true “unemployment facts” of potential candidates they are looking to hire.
  • Teach them (and yourself if you need it) how to “screen in” and sell your organization’s culture, employment brand and EVP (employee value proposition) to find the candidates with the right cultural fit.
Want to learn more how to turn your culture into a competitive recruiting advantage?  Visit The Good Jobs.
-Anne Nimke
CEO and Cofounder, The Good Jobs

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