Get Real! It’s A Worthwhile Risk

Get real!

Those two words just might have some major bearing on the workforce today. Getting real is all about how a company portrays itself to a candidate, and how a candidate portrays himself or herself to a company. This isn’t groundbreaking news, its just something that we feel is important to reiterate every now and then. Of course we want honesty on the resume, and in the interview – but we also want you to go further than that with realness. Have a certain work style that you find you’re most productive in? Let that trait shine! Have a company policy that promotes and encourages volunteering during the workday? Great! Let your candidates know that before they are offered the job.

Candidates who are real and participate in full disclosure on their best working tactics will likely succeed in their new job. Why? Because they care about cultural fit, and want to find a company that aligns with their work and life style.

Being real in the workplace is just as important as being efficient and productive. Actually, it’s the biggest reason behind an efficient and productive workplace! Employees who work well together, are honest with one another, and create a culture of realness ultimately create a culture of happiness and satisfaction.

But what does being real mean? It means working and interacting by how you feel is best for you in the office or home. It means working in a style that you prefer, and gives you the most innovation and productivity in a work day. An employee that simply chooses the job offer because it was the first offer is not being real with themselves, or the company about their personal style of work.  A company that doesn’t disclose its true office culture will not have the chance to attract the job seekers that actually would fit well into the company culture. This will eventually lead to disappointment in the true office culture, and potential turnover within the first months.

Being real is a risk. It forces you to decide what you truly believe in as a job seeker, and what attracts you to certain companies, and not to others.

Be real with yourself! Be real with your employees, coworkers, managers, and everyone in between. We challenge you to find what makes you work best – and the company that aligns with that idea the most.

What’s your work style? Tell us in the comments!

We were inspired by this article here: How Getting Real Can Bring Real Results to Your Workplace.

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