It’s Time To Be Green!

The other companies will be green with envy when they realize the positive impact your company will be making when it participates in Avery’s “Green Week”. The week, organized by office and paper product distributor, Avery, encourages companies to spend time each day to focus on conserving and preserving energy sources, waste management, and materials and water consumption.

Avery fit each workday into a theme, and offered tips on how to ‘go green’ within that theme.

The green themes that correspond with its day of the week are:

  • Monday – Focus on Energy
  • Tuesday – Focus on Transport
  • Wednesday – Focus on Waste
  • Thursday – Focus on Purchasing
  • Friday – Focus on Innovation

What a GOOD idea! More companies should be aware of the carbon footprint they leave on the earth. Companies have a responsibility to their employees, as well as the environment. Instead of just one week, we’d like to see companies worldwide commit to the idea of helping the environment every day of the year!

How does your company commit to helping the environment? What do you believe are best practices in conserving and preserving energy resources? Join the conversation and tell us what tips and tricks YOU use to ‘go green.’

Take a look at their Green Week here: Green Office Week Home | Avery.

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