The Price Of Happiness [VIDEO]

You know the phrase “Money can’t buy happiness”. But what if we told you this video says exactly the opposite? Money CAN buy happiness; you just have to know how to spend it. Michael Norton gives a brilliant TED Talk about how spending money on others creates a heightened sense of happiness in someone. He compares personal spending and prosocial spending, and how each affects peoples’ happiness.

He takes this concept to the office. Based on his research, Norton argues that team members at work who spend money towards the greater team have more happiness than those who just spend it on themselves. Watch the video here:

Let’s take that concept to fruition in the office. We want to challenge companies to utilize a part of their budget towards team building. Employees can choose how to spend the money, as long as its spent with the entire team in mind. Office parties, a weekend get-together, even a charitable donation with everyone’s name has the potential ability to create a greater sense of “team” within the team. When money is directed towards others, everyone is happy, says Norton. Employees have the opportunity to bond over a special project created from this selfless spending.

What would your office team spend the money on? Do you think it would help establish a greater sense of team?

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