3 Ways To Maintain Your Company’s Culture

We’re inspired by this article: Developing and Maintaining a Company’s Culture – WSJ.com.

Three company founders, Tony Hsieh of Zappos, Tory Burch of Tory Burch LLC, and Naval Ravikant of AngelList share their insight on how to create, build, and maintain unique company cultures. We love the ideas they share! From culture surveys that invest in employees’ input, to absolving hierarchy within the company, these tips have helped these founders build their amazing company cultures.

Maintaining a productive and happy company culture requires work upfront on establishing what the mission and values the company wants to achieve. Here are just a few easy ideas to keep that awesome company culture going strong!

1. Have brainstorming sessions with employees.

Setting a time and place aside to come together as a collective whole to brainstorm ideas is a great opportunity to give every employee the chance to speak up and give valuable feedback for the company. Create a space where every employee’s ideas and creativity is encouraged. This will establish a sense that every employee, no matter the level, is important to the cohesive team. Also, discussing elements of the company’s culture is important in keeping everyone happy and productive. Ask team members what they’d like to see, lose, or add more of inside the office. Feedback is so important for a company, so keep the communication doors always open.

2. Accept change, adapt to it, and come out stronger.

Change is scary, but if your company embraces a major shift within the team and works towards a solution to accept that shift, your culture will be better off. A company’s culture can be amazing, but if it is rigid, a change in the company can go from minor to overwhelming in a short amount of time. A culture that lacks fluidity will eventually crumble.

3. Follow you mission.

A company’s culture is established by the mission or values the company and its employees believe. To maintain that culture, keep the mission in mind when making a decision for the company. Ask yourself, “Is this what the company believes in as a whole? Is this aligned with our greater mission?” Have your employees ask that as well. If they don’t believe in the core values of a company, they won’t fit into the culture. This rings especially true for hiring practices. If a job candidate fits well into the company culture and believes in the company’s mission, they are more likely to be engaged, happy, and productive.


Creating a culture takes time and thought. It determines a company’s strengths. Maintaining the culture that was created in the first few years of a company is extremely important to growing and cultivating a company.

How does your company maintain its culture?

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