What Does Corporate Responsibility Mean To You?

Companies’ anti-hunger efforts don’t address the roots of food poverty | The Guardian

This article from The Guardian makes a thought-provoking argument. It says that many large companies who proclaim they give away millions of dollars to charity, yet don’t pay their employees enough, miss the point on corporate responsibility. Take, for example, McDonalds. The global fast-food company has come under recent criticism for its hourly wage, which falls below the living wage in most states. One of the biggest causes of poverty is under-employment, which many employees with low wages face. The article claims that the money given to charities from these companies could be much more helpful if it is  given to the employees through higher wages.

An interesting thought. When it comes to corporate responsibility, which is the most responsible choice for companies? What does corporate responsibility mean to you?

We want to hear your thoughts on this issue. What do you agree or disagree with in this article?

Join the conversation and tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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