Right Now

What are you doing right now?

Are you just reading this blog post?

If you’re letting yourself get distracted by anything else, like drinking coffee, tweeting an article, or emailing a coworker, you’re not using the ‘power of now’ to its fullest potential.

Deemed as the secret to happiness, allowing yourself to only focus on one thing at a time is the key to truly getting the most out of any moment. Whether you’re talking to a friend, driving (especially driving!), or watching a movie, focus on exactly that – no distractions allowed.


The ‘power of now’ allows you to truly see what matters at that time. It’s about letting go of future worries and past dwells.

This applies exceptionally true in the office. Too many times we allow ourselves to be distracted by something brief that takes away our attention from what we should be really focused on doing.

Let’s all take a promise right now, that we will start focusing on right now, not what we should be doing 5 minutes from now, or what we should have done yesterday. Life is only right now, so focus on right now.


Read another great piece on the ‘power of now’ here: The Art of Right Now.

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