4 Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Job

The job search is no easy task. It requires many hours of tweaking your resume, networking with recruiters, and communicating with companies (whether its a simple email exchange or an interview). After the effort and time has been put into the search, the resulting job offer needs to fit your needs – it’s only fair to yourself. You want to find a job that works best for your work and life styles. How do you know whether you’re making the correct decision in accepting the job offer? These 4 questions will make the decision process easier before you say ‘yes’ to the offer.


1. Does this job give me an opportunity to continue learning and growing in the field?

2. Will I enjoy the hours I spend working with my colleagues and supervisors in and out of the office?

3. Does this position give me the right balance for other the activities and passions in my life?

4. Do I believe in the company’s work and mission?

If you are confident and satisfied with the answers, then you found a job that fits you!

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