Do Dress Codes At The Office Work?

Do you have to worry about what you wear to the office? Does your appearance affect how your supervisor views you as a committed employee?

Strict dress codes in the office still exist for some companies. The belief in a dress code stems from the idea that when employees take special care and consideration in how they present themselves to coworker and potential customers, they will have a more productive work ethic. But is this true?

Google is famous for being at the forefront of the best places to work. The dress code at the tech company is nonexistent. Coincidence or correlation?

We think this Fast Company article addresses the dress code issue well:

Do Dress Codes At The Office Work? | Fast Company | business + innovation.

So, we want to know….

Do you think dress codes at the office work? Why or why not?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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